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‘It was a great job and I thank you all for doing the work.’


Ms Harris: Homeowner Teddington November 2017.



‘Can I say was professional job your guys did. Very pleased.’


Mr Jones: Facilities Manager Teddington November 2017




‘A belated thank you to Giles and the team. As always they were excellent.’


Ms H: Communal Gardens: Notting Hill November 2017.




‘Just wanted to say a big thank you to your lovely lads, Kowie, Oscar and Reece, they did a really great job today and worked incredibly hard and left the place lovely and tidy, they are a real credit to you.’


Ms Forey: Homeowner Norbiton October 2017.



‘Only glitch was your workers arriving really early… Annoying for them as they had to wait, but all went well, very professional, and we're very happy! :)’


Ms Hindle: Homeowner Teddington October 2017.



‘I found your staff to be exemplary in performing their task, knowledgeable and professional and a credit to your company.

I have no hesitation in recommending or using your services again.’


Mr Tiagi: Homeowner Sunbury upon Thames October 2017.



‘We wanted to say that we were really  impressed with the lads work, they were hard working, polite and did a wonderful job of clearing up afterwards, the garden is now completely transformed. You run a smooth and professional operation which made for a stress free day.’


Ms C: Homeowner: Ham October 2017.



‘ Adam and his mate did an absolutely fantastic job, removing the plum tree, I couldn’t have been more pleased with everything.

Once again, thank you for a fantastic job.’


Mr Irvine: Homeowner Twickenham October 2017.




‘The client was absolutely delighted with your team and their work. They do not often give praise.’


Mr B.: Property Managers Gerrards Cross September 2017.






‘Thank you Darryl we are very pleased with the work. Also if you could say thank you to the tree surgeon for the work and for the suggestion about the camouflage we have done it and it works well.’


Ms Jeffers: Homeowner Hanworth September 2017.



‘We are very happy with the work carried out.’


Ms Knight: Homeowner Strawberry Hill September 2017.




‘I just wanted to thank you again for the work you and your team did last week.  I really am delighted.  I am only so sorry that had a day of torrential rain to work in.’


Ms H. Homeowner Hammersmith: September 2017.



‘Thank you for the receipt and for the work which was done most satisfactorily.


I am also pleased that you made the effort to get the stump grinder into the garden; the other tree removal firm said they could not get theirs through the house.


My neighbour would also like to thank you for clearing up so thoroughly and efficiently.’


Mr Barnes: Homeowner Teddington August 2017.




‘Thanks so much for this and for carrying out the work so efficiently.’


Ms Coffey: Homeowner Teddington August 2017.



‘We're very pleased with the work- your guys were great; very friendly, did a really good job and were really thorough at tidying up etc. Let me know if there's anywhere I can leave recommendations.

Many thanks again.

Warmest regards’


Mr Dawson: Homeowner Twickenham August 2017.



‘Just wanted to say how pleased we are with the work done by your team in our garden today.  They were very efficient, cleared everything away and were very pleasant to deal with.’


Ms Brandvik: Homeowner Sunbury upon Thames August 2017



‘I have to say I thought the team did an excellent job-they were lovely to deal with, really skilled at what they did and did a comprehensive job e.g. tidied up afterwards. I'd highly recommend your company to others.’


Ms Fieldhouse: Homeowner Teddington August 2017.





‘Your young men carried out the removal of the conifers extremely proficiently. They were  charming and polite, and tidied up very well once the job was finished.’


Ms Colley: Homowner Teddington June 2017.





‘Please thank the team for doing an excellent job.’


Dr Beecroft: Homeowner Ham July 2017.




‘Thank you for the prompt and professional emergency response from you and your team following the recent Ailanthus branch failure in Cadogan Place South.’


Mr Ric Glenn: Head Gardener Cadogan Estates July 2017




‘We thought the work done on our tree is absolutely fantastic.  It looks really good.  Thank you.’


Ms Mills: Homeowner Strawberry Hill June 2017.




‘Yes very happy thanks! It feels so much more spacious and the light is much better…’


Ms Finlay: Homeowner Notting Hill June 2017.




‘Thanks Darryl. It all went well and the guys were great - very knowledgeable.’


Ms Adams: Homeowner Twickenham June 2017



‘Just wanted to say thank you for the excellent work your 2 young men did on my cypress tree this morning. They were punctual, helpful and really caring about the work, and left everything very tidy. I shall certainly be booking you again.’


Ms Gray: Homeowner Ealing June 2017.




‘Your workmen are very polite which is always appreciated.’


Ms Rowe: Homeowner Strawberry Hill June 2016.



‘Adam and Oscar were both very helpful and did a good job - the garden looks so much better.’


Ms M: Homeowner Shepherds Bush June 2017.



‘The guys did a great job - efficient, friendly and tided up brilliantly. ‘


Ms Kennett: Homeowner Wandsworth June 2017.



‘Giles and his team have done a great job today.  The new tree looks as if it has always been here and they have cleaned up after themselves brilliantly. ‘


Mr Charkham: Homeowner Marble Hill June 2017.



‘As your team are finishing off may I just take the opportunity to thank you, Giles and the team. A great job, the garden looks lovely.’


Ms Heywood: Communal Gardens Notting Hill June 2017.



‘Yes everything looks great and your two guys were very polite and professional.’


Ms Webb: Homeowner Teddington June 2017.


‘Thanks so much – you have a great team and I will certainly recommend and use your company again.’


Ms Goodwin: Homeowner Hampton May 2017.



‘Thank you Darryl.  Your staff are excellent and we are very pleased with the result.’


Ms Baldwin Homeowner Richmond May 2017.



‘The guys did a great job yesterday and were friendly and professional.’


Ms Francis: Homeowner Feltham May 2017.



‘Hi Darryl,

Many thanks for a brilliant job done, great lads, would happily adopt both as grandsons !

Had so many problems with various works done last year, my faith has now been restored.

Thanks again’


Ms Hughes: Homeowner Teddington May 2017.



‘Thanks for all the hard work - the garden looks terrific - and your people could not have been more pleasant and helpful - although I suspect it took them longer than they expected.


I was particularly impressed by the way they managed to work around the things like the hostas - which was VERY helpful.


It would be great to get you back next year.’


Mr M: Homeowner Teddington May 2017.



‘Thank you for the work your team did, they were an extremely efficient and pleasant team.’


Ms MacKenzie: Homeowner Twickenham May 2017.



‘Thank you, Darryl, the garden plants already responding to additional light and neighbours happy!’


Mr Lamden: Homeowner Hammersmith May 2017.



‘Just wanted to tell you how pleased I am with the results of the hedge cutting. Your team worked really hard and were concerned to achieve what I wanted.  It was a pleasure to have them working here.’


Ms Stepan: Homeowner Hampton Wick April 2017



‘Please thank your team who came on Tuesday, they did a great job and were very polite and helpful with it.’


Ms Poskitt: Homeowner Teddington April 2017.



‘Thanks - you team were very efficient, and left the place spotless’


Mr Lyon: Homeowner Twickenham April 2017.


‘The team were very helpful and are to be congratulated on an excellent result.’


Mr Sand: Homeowner Teddington March 2017.



‘The guys were really lovely and did a fab job. It looks amazing and we get so much light now. Thanks so much!’


Ms Fleming: Homeowner: Teddington March 2017.



‘What a joy to have such enthusiastic youth turn up to the garden yesterday and do such an efficient and professional job. So polite and thorough. A good little team. ‘


Mr Vincent Estate Manager: Wentworth March 2017.



‘Many thanks for the work - all done very professionally.’


Mrs G: Teddington Feb 2017.



‘The boys have done an excellent job.’


Mr Evans: Homeowner Barnes Feb 2017



 ‘The guys were really helpful and a pleasure to have on site’


Ms Boland: Homeowner Ham Feb 2017



‘I am very pleased with the work that your team carried out.  They were friendly and cleared away all the debris etc, so I am very happy with the result.’


Ms Benz: Homeowner Twickenham Jan 2017.



‘many thanks for the work, they did an excellent job.’


Mr Stanton: Homeowner Teddington Jan 2017






‘The project was to totally remove a long run of (?)20ft high hedge and replace with more trees & shrubs.

Although expensive the cost was fair without any surprise extras.


Our big (to us) project was done in two stages so we met many members of the team.

All the workers were courteous, considerate (to us + neighbours), versatile and efficient throughout.


We were given good advice and were able to discuss the project at all stages.


There were a few hitches largely due to suppliers or the weather.

The preparation was always thorough and the finishing/clearing up impressive each day.


The result was exactly what we wanted fitting tidily in with the existing garden and should still blend in well as it matures.

We would be happy to use The Tree Agency for any future work needed and/or recommend them to others.


Our thanks to you all - please share these comments with all concerned.’


S & D: Home Owners: Twickenham December 2016



‘We’re very pleased with the tree work your guys did for us last week.  They’ve done a really good job and cleared up really well too’


Mrs Clarke: Home Owner: Strawberry Hill: December 2016.



‘We would like to say thank you to your guys for doing such a wonderful job and we were very impressed by their professionalism.’


Mr & Mrs Lloyd-James: Home Owners: Malden: November 2016



‘The lads did a fabulous job – thank you!’


Mr Yates: Putney Lawn Tennis Club: Putney: November 2016.



‘The work was excellent and I have to say your guys were really great. Very obliging and polite and I would recommend you to anyone in need.’


Mr Reardon: Home Owner: Sunbury on Thames: November 2016.



‘Hi Darryl, many thanks for removing trees.  Your employees did an excellent job and the two today tidied up very thoroughly.  Have already recommended you to a friend.’


Kate: Home Owner: Whitton October 2016


‘Thanks Darryl. Yes we are really pleased with the work & the guys left the place spotless so please thank them for me.’


Mr Goulbourne: Home Owner: Teddington October 2016.



‘Thought the team were very polite and efficient. Great job. Thanks’


Ms Rogers: Home Owner: Teddington October 2016



‘We were very happy with the work your team carried out. They worked hard, were courteous and left the garden tidy. We now have much more light in the garden and the trees look in good shape.’


Mr & Mrs Turner: Home Owners: Hampton October 2016



‘Just a quick note to say how great your team were - and they did a very good job on the lime tree.

Thank you very much’


Mr & Mrs Macartney: Home Owners: Chiswick October 2016.



‘Your guys did a great job and were very professional, polite and tidy!’


Ms Charkham: Home Owner: Teddington October 2016.



‘I just wanted to say how pleased we are with the removal of the palms today. Giles kindly provided expert advice on what to do should they start to shoot again in the spring.’


Mr Fursdon: Home Owner: Teddington October 2016



‘I am very pleased with the work that your team have done on my trees. I found the whole team were very pleasant, they did an excellent job and left the garden in a very tidy condition’

‘Thank you for the work, I will use your services again and recommend you.’


Mrs Cleminson: Home Owner: Strawberry Hill October 2016



‘We were delighted with the work undertaken by Adam and his team on 21 September. They were efficient, very professional, polite and friendly. We would happily recommend The Tree Agency.’


Ms Nicol: Home Owner: Whitton October 2016.





 ‘I just wanted to add how impressed I was by the quality of workmanship and professionalism from your lovely boys last week.  They were so well mannered and a real credit to you, as well as working very hard and for many hours in horribly hot conditions.’


Mrs Nettleton: Home Owners: Hampton Wick September 2016



“We are very pleased with the work done. Your team worked very hard and did a great job.’


Mr & Mrs Phillips: Home Owners Teddington September 2016



‘Just to let you know that the lads did a great job - much appreciated’


Mr Rayner: Home Owner September 2016



       ‘Top job, your guys are very good. Many thanks indeed for this job which was excellent’


Mr & Mrs Kemp: Home Owners Hampton Wick August 2016



 ‘Thank you to your team for the work done - we are very pleased with the results. Our children are delighted too as we decided there was space for a trampoline and now have one of those - thank you for the information you gave us on the springfree ones!’


Ms Pitt: Home Owner Teddington August 2016



‘I am very pleased with the work that was carried out and will contact you to speak about other parts of the garden I would like improving.’

Thank you


Ms Mitevski: Home Owner: Hampton August 2016


‘Hi Darryl, we love our new light filled garden. You have done a fabulous job. Not a leaf or grain of mud in the living room. Exceptional.

Thank you.’


Ms Heighes: Homeowner Teddington July 2016


‘Dear Darryl, your guys were great and I am very satisfied with the work – I have already recommended(highly) you to my neighbours next door and in Streetlife.’


Ms Kirtchuk: Homeowner Chiswick July 2016



‘Hi Darryl

I am all ready to pay you for the magnificent job your colleagues have done this morning.  I was mightily impressed with them and the job they did, their work ethic, their politeness and all the other things that you expect but don’t always get from people who come and do jobs for us.  They were great.’

Many thanks again.’


Ms Openshaw Homeowner Hampton July 2016



‘Thank you very much - your team was great, very friendly and professional, and we’re very happy with their work!’


Mr Morgan Homeowner Tooting June 2016


‘Thank you for the work carried out last week. The new tree looks so much better than that ugly trunk. I hesitated about the height of the tree, knowing that our neighbours don't want too much shade, but I'm also glad to have stuck to my original choice.


Kaue and Dean were hard working and most pleasant. We would be very happy to engage them again.’


Ms Hemsley Homeowner Richmond June 2016



‘I would like to thank you and congratulate you on the wonderful team you have. Such lovely chaps, helpful, considerate and very professional. They really know their stuff and it was a pleasure having them do the job. It was obvious how much they love their work.

So thank you very much to you (for coming out so quickly and arranging everything so efficiently) and please extend my thanks to them.’


Ms Qattan: Homeowner Kensington June 2016.



‘Hi Darryl, The guys came over today and fixed everything up. Looks great and they were lovely.’


Ms Kapur Homeowner Kingston May 2016


‘Hi Darryl, I had an email from our maintenance guy to say thanks to Adam and the other guy that did the job. They have done a great job and tied it all up. It looks much better. Very happy.’


Ms Magda Wilson Property Manager Thamesview Twickenham May 2016


‘Thank you so much to you all for what you have done in the square.  Your professionalism and good humour was a joy to work with and the end result is glorious.  (Especially the good humour of your team in dealing with a slightly frantic at times client was so comforting and their courtesy to every car and every pedestrian was brilliant.)


Thank you for the cherry tree – it looks lovely already and breaks up that rather long gap between trees as I emerge from my subterranean basement each morning


Many thanks and all good wishes and I look forward to working together again in the future.’


Ms Katrina Quinton: Earl’s Court Square Residents Association May 2016



‘A quick note to confirm that this payment was made but also to say that we both are extremely pleased with the work. Your guys are tops - always on time, totally professional but also friendly, helpful and full of useful advice.

They've done a great job positioning and planting our trees and we are very happy with the result. Please pass on our thanks to them.

I'm sure we'll be in touch again to get some more things planted in our garden or the lawn sorted’

Many thanks!


Mr Rowlands: Home Owner: Teddington May 2016



‘Thank you for carrying out the tree felling work in my garden yesterday. Your 3 colleagues did a great job and left the site extremely tidy despite the pouring rain. They were all very helpful, polite and courteous’.

Mrs Smedley: Home Owner: Hampton Hill May 2016


‘Just wanted to say what a great job Kowie and his colleague did today on removing the Holly tree, they were on time, courteous, and efficient along with cleaning up nicely afterwards’.


Mr Hornsby: Home Owner East Sheen May 2016



‘Thank you for the work, the young men arrived nice and early and worked well.  I left them to carry on whilst I went to work (leaving my teenage son to see to any problems should they arise), and returned to a smart tidy job.

My neighbour has complimented the work also’.


Mrs Burdis: Home Owner Strawberry Hill: May 2016.



‘Just to say the guys were great today.  Really nice lads who worked extremely hard and they were a pleasure to have here’.


Ms Cox: Home Owner: Twickenham May 2016.



‘I was very impressed with the guys who did the work very much to our satisfaction, thank you!’


Mr Parrish: Home Owner Kingston April 2016.



‘Great work, your staff are prompt, polite  and worked safely’.


Wes Dangerfield: Facilities Manager Teddington School: April 2016.



‘I am very pleased with all the work carried out: it has really ‘lifted’ the appearance of the site. Please pass on my thanks to the guys for doing such a good and trouble free job’


Rob Harman: Facilities Manager Willow Tree Primary School: April 2016.



‘I just wanted to let you know how impressed we were with the work Adam and the boys did for us on Monday. They were prompt, friendly and did the job excellently, even dealing with our rather grumpy neighbour with good humour! We are very pleased with the new shape of the bay & holly trees and have enough logs to last forever. If we need any more tree work we will be certainly be asking you’


Ms Sumption: Home Owner: Teddington April 2016.



‘Thank you for undertaking this work. Adam and his team were superb. Polite, tidy, professional and are a credit to your company’


Mr Costello: Home Owner: Earls Court March 2016.



‘What lovely boys they were, they do you proud’


Mrs Parker: Home Owner: Teddington March 2016.



‘The young men were very nice and caring, thank you’


Mrs Hurst: Home owner: Teddington:  Feb 2016.



‘Many thanks and kudos to your guys for the good work carried out’


Rob Harman: Facilities Manager Willow Tree Primary School: Feb 2016.



‘Thank you for the work on the Catalpa…its perfect and even better than I’d hoped for without so much as a broken peony bud in the vicinity-Amazing! Thank you and the team for great work on this’


Nick Bailey: Head Gardener Chelsea Physic Garden: Feb 2016.



‘ I am thoroughly impressed with the work of Giles and the team (Adam & Dean), very tidy and hard working, very professional, the new tree looks good and makes the place look so different. I will recommend you to anyone in the future if they looking for a tree surgeon’


Mr Davidson: Estate Manager: Chelsea Feb 2016.




‘We are very happy with the work thank you and our neighbour who especially requested it is too’.


Ms Hanrahan-Soar: Home owner St Margarets; Feb 2016



‘The three guys did a great job yesterday and we’re really happy with the result’


Mrs Watson: Home Owner: Kingston; January 2016.



‘Please would you pass on our thanks to your team for an excellent job- despite the horrid weather. They were so efficient, we were very impressed- as we were last time- by their professionalism and expertise, and they are such a nice crowd too.”


Mr Bide: Home Owner: Teddington January 2016



‘We are delighted with the work, and the guys were great too. Thank you very much for everything’


Mrs Castellani: Home Owner: Teddington: December 2015.



‘Meant to say how impressed I was with Kowie & Manu- they worked so hard!


Mrs Sealy: Home Owner: Hampton: December 2015



‘Giles & Kowie did an equally brilliant job yesterday- can definitely see the wood from the trees now! They were very polite, checked with me before they did anything drastic and I am very please with the work done’


Mrs Sealy: Home Owner: Hampton: December 2015



 ‘Thank you very much for the work done. I was very happy with the outcome’


Mrs Martin: Home Owner Kingston: November 2015.



‘I just wanted to say thank you for the work carried out, I was very pleased with the results. I also found your guys to be polite, efficient and full of integrity and will recommend you to family and friends. Looking forward to working with you again in the future’


Mr Hilman: Home Owner: Teddington: November 2015.



‘I am very pleased with the work carried out. The men employed were excellent in every way. I will certainly recommend The Tree Agency’


Mrs Carroll Home Owner: Teddington October 2015.



‘Thanks for your prompt and efficient service’


Mrs Bevan: Home Owner: Strawberry Hill: September 2015.



‘As ever- a great job and delightful people to deal with’


Mr Marengo: Home Owner: Clapham Sept 2015



‘We are really pleased with the work; your team were friendly, professional and did a great job’


Mr Allen: Home Owner: Teddington: August 2015.



‘Your guys did a lovely job and were super professional, thank you’


Mrs Ewen: Home Owner: Whitton: August 2015.



‘Just wanted to say thank you for an excellent job. I was offered good advice from the team. Thanks to all’


Mrs O’Keeffe: Home Owner Wandsworth: July 2015.

 ‘Thank you for the excellent job, we are very pleased with what they did, and they are a pleasure to have around’


Mr Bide: Home Owner: Teddington June 2015.



‘Thank you for doing the hedge. Its grand as they say. Plus your guys are a joy to have around. So professional and polite.’


Mrs Parker: Home Owner Teddington: May 2015.



‘Thanks very much for the work- it was carried out really well, and carefully-which I did appreciate! They’re a lovely team…and the boss on site was very knowledgeable and thoughtful about the trees, and I found his advice really helpful- thanks so much for all their hard work and bonhomie!’


Ms Midgley: Home Owner Islington March 2015.



‘Thank you very much, the trees look so much better! Your men did a great job.’


Mrs Clark: Home Owner: Twickenham: March 2015



‘Just a quick note to say thanks so much for the work. Its all as we hoped and the wisteria is brilliant’


Mrs Halmshaw: Home Owner: Teddington March 2015



‘Thank you for the tree works carried out by your team and the improvements these have produced. Your men were very helpful, friendly and courteous, which we appreciated.’


Mr Payne: Home Owner Croydon  March 2015



‘Your young guys were great and did a very good job’.


Mr Hargreaves: Home Owner Kew Feb 2015



‘Great job-thanks Darryl. And the boys were so helpful, showing me everything they had done.’


Ms Page: Home Owner Hampton Wick Jan 2015.



‘I was very happy with the work and I thought that everyone was very professional and that they did a good job of clearing up’ Thank you very much’


Mrs MacPherson: Home owner Strawberry Hill. December 2014.



‘Your men did a fantastic job’


Ms Petelin: Home Owner Teddington December 2014



‘Your workmen worked very hard and we are satisfied with the completion. What a lovely team. I would have no hesitation in recommending your company to friends and family and using your services again’


Mrs Simpson: Home Owner Kew December 2014



‘I have really appreciated your professionalism, rare to find these days’


Ms Fenzi: Home Owner Strawberry Hill: September 2014.



‘I wanted to thank you for your prompt attention and the highly informative data which your survey has revealed. I feel that it is money well spent and there are some interesting historical points concerning it which I want to investigate with local historians. P.S. Just had surveyor on the phone giving it an A1 rating!!’


Mr Nobbs: Home Buyer Croydon August 2014



‘Your men were wonderfully tidy & competent, thank you for your help’.


Mrs Teeling-Smith: Home Owner Belgravia: March 2014.



‘Many thanks for a great job. I am very, very pleased.’


Mrs Emes: Home Owner Teddington: April 2013.



 ‘We are very satisfied with the work carried out by your team and yourself. Thanks for the arrangements you made with the parking. I have been impressed by the courtesy shown by all of you and will not hesitate to recommend you’


Mrs Bacon Home Owner: Teddington Feb 2013



‘I would like to tell you how delighted we were with the trimming of our tree. Seldom if ever have more pleasant, efficient, helpful people come to do anything in our house. They were just excellent. Heaven help us, they left the whole garden looking better, such was their care. Do tell them-and do know that we would be happy to recommend your firm or give you any sort of written quote that might help you.’


Mr Nightingale Home Owner Fulham May 2012

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